Sea Fishing Trips

Kelley’s Hero III and Kelly’s Hero IV are purpose–built charter fishing vessels. We operate a selection of superb sea fishing trips in and around the English Channel – including, wrecking, offshore reef, bass fishing, half–day trips, evening trips, over 60s trips and much more. We cater for everyone from the ages of 5 upward. With a fully–equipped galley, we can supply you with an endless supply of tea and coffee throughout your trip. The microwave, oven and hob also provide a way for you to heat your food. If you don’t fancy bringing your own, we can supply hot breakfasts, packed lunches and hot meals for the evening.

You are more than welcome to bring your own equipment, rods, tackle and bait; however, we have rods, reels, and tackle on board and these are available at a cost. Bait can be supplied by us and on board ready for you if you pre order, this bait is supplied at a further cost. Here are a range of our trips that we offer:


We generally fish up to 12 miles offshore on these days. What you can catch depends on the time of year. These are some of the most common trips for beginners. If you want to know what you might catch, please ask when booking your trip, or message before. The price for the boat is based on up to 10 anglers, however, we can take 12 if you require for a small increase. These trips are between 9 hours long and tend to start around 8 am. Our Inshore trips for individuals are based on either 6, 8 or 10 anglers. This will be stated when the trip is advertised. The price will reflect on the number of anglers on board.

Bream sea fishing trips

Wrecking fishing trip


Our wrecking trips are fished generally between 25 and 50 miles offshore. We tend to catch pollack, and at certain times of the year you will see cod and bass on the wrecks too. On wrecking trips, you travel for around 2–3 hours to get there and when you are fishing you are winding up and down all day long and stood at the rail. On our wrecking trips we would prefer for you to have 8 anglers, as this makes your day and ours a lot easier and more comfortable. These trips are 12 hours long and start at 7am.

Offshore Reef

We fish in the middle of the channel when we fish the offshore reef. This is around a 2.5-hour journey before we anchor up. We fish at anchor all day, and the fishing can be quite heavy, but very rewarding. We have 8 anglers on board when we are on the reef. The trip is 12 hours long and starts at 7 am.

Offshore fishing trip

Bass Sea Fishing

Bass Trip

When bass fishing, we head between 12 and 25 miles offshore and drift the banks with lures etc to look for bass. These trips can have up to 10 anglers on board for a full boat booking and are 10 hours long, and they can start at around 7 am. Legally you are only allowed to keep 2 bass per angler per day, in the bass season. Our bass trips for individuals are based on either 8 or 10 anglers. This will be stated when the trip is advertised. The price will reflect on the number of anglers on board.

Evening Trips

Our evening trips are the same as the inshore trips, only they are 6 hours long and not 8 hours long, we only take 8 anglers, and they tend to be on Fridays and Saturdays and they tend to start between 6 pm and 7 pm.

Evening fishing trips

Half day fishing trips

Half-day Trips

Our half–day trips are also the same as the inshore trips, however, these trips are great for families and beginners just to give you an insight into fishing. The price includes rod and bait, and any tuition. The trips last 4.5 hours and can have up to 10 anglers on each trip. The timings are generally 0800-1230 and 1300-1730.

Over-60s Trips

These trips are the same as our inshore trips, we just open them up for anglers over 60. They are normally every Tuesday and every Thursday; these trips are 8 hours long. These trips have 10 or 11 anglers, depending on the size of the tide. Anglers under the age of 60 are more than welcome to join on these trips, but they will pay a normal Inshore price.

Over 60s fishing trip

Exploratory fishing trips

Exploratory Trips

These trips are organised normally last minute as soon as we can see a weather window. We like to get a range of anglers on board, so we can go looking for new wrecks, reefs and other marks. These trips are discounted compared to the other planned trips. You may catch loads; you may not catch much, or you might just catch something you weren’t expecting to. And best of all you get to meet a crew of like-minded people, who are always striving to explore. These days tend to be full of surprises.

Other Trips Available:

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  • Turbot Trips
  • Plaice Trips
  • Away Trips
  • Anchoring the Wrecks
  • Sole Trips
  • Shark Trips

"Another great trip. Although there were only four anglers (instead of 8) on the day Ian still took us out. To the Nab area for the whiting to begin with and we did get some (Up to 2lb) and a bullhuss comfortably into double figures. Then with the afternoon forecasted to bring more wind we headed inshore and up the Solent to try for the mythical cod. No cod but we did get some more nice sized whiting, There were little congers, dogfish and some quite big pout too. The tea and coffee service was also exemplary."

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