Guard Boat, Work Boat, Surveys, Crew Transfer

Kelley’s Hero III and Kelley’s Hero IV are the perfect vessels for your guard boat requirements. The boats are stable platforms, with the ability and licences to stay on the water for weeks at a time.

Protection at Sea

We can offer protection for many jobs, such as subsea and surface installations, exposed pipelines and cables, offshore wind activities, sensitive marine operations, ships bunkering, enforcing exclusion zones and dive support duties.

Versatile Charter Boats

Kelley’s Hero III has a 2.4 ton load carrying ability; therefore, is the perfect platform to transfer your cargo. With 16 lashing points on the deck, your cargo will be secure.

We have an onboard generator and powerful invertors with 240v sockets, so we are able to run any equipment that is needed for hydrographic surveys, autonomous vessel testing, and any other trials.

As the boast are very stable, they are great for sea life studies, fisheries sciences, fish activity, bird surveys and water sampling.

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