Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about Kelley’s Hero Sea Angling Charters operating from Haslar Marina, Gosport, Hampshire.

Do you supply rods and bait?

We have rods and bait available upon request. This can either be as part of a package or individually supplied.

What will I need to bring with me?

All you need to bring is yourself, some warm clothes, something to eat for the day, waterproofs, something cold to drink and whatever rods, tackle and bait that you have. It may also be wise to bring some suncream even if it is gloomy, as the glare from the water will still cause sunburn. If you don’t have any, we may have some available in the office. Please request this on the morning of your trip.

Where do I go once I get to the marina?

Once you get to Haslar Marina, you come in the entrance in between the two big green buoys. You may park in either car park to the left or the right, you will then head to the Office (blue building, unit 16) located at the end of the car park. This is where you will wait to be taken down to the boat.

Is there Free parking available?

Parking is free to our customers. All you need to do is make sure that you supply us with your number plate. We can then add this to the parking system at the marina for the day. If you fail to supply your number plate, you will risk a parking fine which is sent via post independently of Kelley’s Hero Charters LTD and Haslar Marina. Kelley’s Hero Charters LTD accept NO liability for any parking fines received.

What happens if my trip gets cancelled?

If your trip gets cancelled, we will do our best to get you on our next available trip, that is agreed with yourself, if you don’t want to rearrange then we can refund your deposit.

When will I know if my trip is going ahead?

On the evening before your trip, we will have a look at our updated weather forecast, and get in contact with you around 7pm, to confirm that the weather is ok, we will give you all the relevant details for the trip, including directions, confirmation of start times, and ask whether you would like any rods, bait or breakfast. This is to ensure a smoother process on the morning of your trip.

Do you serve tea and coffee?

We have tea and coffee facilities on board, and you will be offered a minimum 2 hot drinks as a rule throughout your day. We do have limited freshwater on board, so if you would like water to drink or to dilute any squash, then we suggest that you bring your own with you.

If you require any special tea bags or coffee please feel free to bring your own.

We also have a microwave on board, if you would like to use this please feel free to ask the skipper, don’t be shy.

What tackle do I need to bring?

We would ask that you keep your tackle and equipment to a minimum. We would normally have discussed what we are fishing for before the trip so there is no need to bring every item in your tackle box. You may use your trolleys to transport your gear to and from the boat, however, due to the ongoing damage that these cause to the inside of the boat, you will have to leave these on the pontoon, ready for when you get back from your trip.

Do you supply lunches?

We don’t supply lunches ourselves; however, we get local café “Crew Mess” to supply take-away breakfast, lunches and dinners and these can be ordered through us when booking or on the evening before your trip.

What time can I get down onto the boat?

We do not expect any anglers to go down to the boat before they have been taken down by a member of the team. We meet outside our office, Unit 16, at Haslar Marina before any trip. If you attempt to get to the boat before this, you will be asked to return to the office until it is time to go to the boat. This is in our terms and conditions with the marina and must be adhered to.

What time will my trip depart?

Start times will vary depending on what trip you have booked on to. As a rule, our “Inshore” trips are around 9 hours and we will aim to leave at 8 am, and arrive back between around 1700. Our “Wrecking” and “Offshore” trips are normally 12-hour trips and we will leave at 7 am and arrive back around 1900. Multi-Day trips may vary due to tides getting to our location. If you book the boat and want to leave at a certain time then please do not hesitate to state this at the time of booking.

Can we take some beer with us?

Although we understand that you may like to have a beer whilst fishing with us. We do not believe it is in your best interest to consume alcohol whilst fishing, and Kelley’s Hero Charters LTD would like to remain an alcohol-free space if possible. In the event of an emergency, our skippers and team are responsible for our customers and our vessels. If you are impaired due to the intake of alcohol, it makes it harder for us to manage an emergency.

We have had a policy in place stating that 1 beer per person was permitted ONLY if permission was given by the owners and or skipper. However, this was taken for granted, and on a few occasions, more beer and spirits were concealed and then consumed. If this rule is not abused, then we see no reason as to why it can’t stay.

If you are found to abuse this rule, then you will be immediately taken back to port and asked to leave the vessel (at cost).

We do not have this rule to put a dampener on your day, this is purely a decision based on the safety of our customers, vessels and staff.

We have zero tolerance to drug use on board. Anyone found with drugs will be immediately taken back to port and asked to leave the vessel (at a cost).

Do we get to fish at the back of the boat?

Normally crews will sort out between themselves as to where they fish. What we don’t have, is people jumping on the boat early before everyone else and reserving spaces for themselves or others. This is helped by our anglers meeting at the office before our trips, and everyone going to the vessel at the same time. Hopefully, everyone can agree on where to fish, and if they can’t, the skipper will imply a rotation system or draw for positions.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Kelley’s Hero Charter Service?

These are our general prices. We have had to increase our prices due to the increase in running costs. However, we aim to keep our prices as low as possible and don’t foresee any more increases soon.

Please keep your eye on our social media pages for any offers. Or you could add yourself to our mailing list and these will be sent to you via email or text (whichever you prefer).

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