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F.A.Qs Kelley's Hero Charter Service

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about Kelley's Hero Sea Angling Charters operating from Northney Marina, Hayling Island, Hampshire.

Do you supply rods and bait?

We have rods available on board the vessel for you to use, please state whether you need them or not at the time of booking. Bait is available and can be pre–ordered.

What will I need to bring with me?

All you need to bring is yourself, some warm clothes, something to eat for the day, waterproofs, something cold to drink and whatever rods, tackle and bait that you have.

Northney Marina, Hayling Island
Kelley's Hero berthed at Hayling Island

Where do I go once I get to the marina?

Once you get to Northney Marina, you can drive to the main office building and drop your gear off and leave it at the top of the pontoon. Once you have done this, you then have to head back out of the car park, and head towards the anglers car park (signposted), this is where you leave your car for the day, which is secure and monitored. This car park is free to anglers. Once you have parked up, you can head back towards the marina building and wait for the skipper to call you down to the boat.

What happens if my trip gets cancelled?

If your trip gets cancelled, we will do our best to get you on our next available trip, that we agree, if you don't want to rearrange then we can then refund your deposit.

When will I know if my trip is going ahead?

On the evening before your trip, we will have a look at our updated weather forecast, and get in contact with you around 7pm, to confirm that the weather is ok, we will give you the gate code and the start time at the same time as confirming the trip.

Do you serve tea and coffee?

We have tea and coffee facilities on board, and you will be offered 2 hot drinks as a rule throughout your day. We do have limited freshwater on board, so if you would like water to drink or to dilute any squash, then we suggest that you bring your own with you.

We also have a microwave on board, if you would like to use this please feel free to ask the skipper, don't be shy.

What tackle do I need to bring?

We would ask that you keep your tackle and equipment to a minimum. We would normally have discussed what we are fishing for the evening before so there is no need to bring every item in your tackle box. You may use your trolleys to transport your gear to and from the boat, however due to the ongoing damage that these cause to the inside of the boat, you will have to leave these on the pontoon, ready for when you get back from your trip.

Do you supply lunches?

We don’t supply lunches ourselves, however we get local café "Penny's Cafe" to supply take away breakfast lunches and dinners, these can be ordered through us when booking.

What time can I get down on to the boat?

We do not expect any angler to arrive at the boat itself until the skipper has called you down. This is usually no sooner than half an hour before the trip departs. We do not expect to get down to the boat in the morning to find anglers already on the boat. We ask that no one boards the boat without prior permission from one of us. It isn't that we don't like you being there early, but as you can imagine, there is a lot of preparation to be done before the vessel goes to sea. We have engine checks and safety checks to do before allowing you to board. This is all for your safety during your trip.

What time will my trip depart?

Start times will vary depending on what trip you have booked on to, and what time the low water is, this is due to the water level at the entrance of the marina being very low on low water springs.
As a rule our "inshore" trips are roughly 8 hours and if low water times allow, then we will aim to leave at 8am, and arrive back between 1600 and 1630.
Our "wrecking" trips are normally 11 hour trips and of the low water times allow, we will leave at 7am and arrive back around 1800.
Multi day trips may vary due to tides getting to our location. If you book the boat and want to leave at a certain time then please do not hesitate to state this at the time of booking.

Can we take some beer with us?

We have no objection to people having a couple of tins whilst they fish on board, if this is what you enjoy. Excess alcohol consumption and rowdy behaviour will not be tolerated at any time by the skipper and crew. This is for safety reasons on board the vessel. If we believe that too much alcohol has been consumed then we will not hesitate to bring you back in to the marina.

Do we get to fish at the back of the boat?

Normally crews will sort out between themselves as to where they fish. What we don't have, is people jumping on the boat early before everyone else and reserving spaces for themselves or others. If there is a problem as to where everyone fishes, then the skipper will draw positions by means of numbers.


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